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When you contact Designer Roof Trusses for assistance. We will need a copy of your approved building plans. This allows us to compile a comprehensive quotation that includes your design, timber or rafter trusses and roof covering.

This design is compiled with our design software with a build in 3D viewer with live rotation ability that can assist customers with a refreshing visualization of the final product.

Designer Roof Trusses can also include top of truss ceilings like Isoboard on exposed roofs if required. Designer Roof Trusses can then recommend any alternatives. For example like a more cost effective, maintenance friendly design or something that will improve the ascetics of your overall roof. Designer Roof Trusses can even supply a scale model of your trusses for the customer that would like to see the full picture before he commits to the final design.

Once the quotation and design are accepted, Designer Roof Trusses will take measurements on site to confirm exact sizes. We then draw a cutting bill for your structure and send it for production. This process depending on the workload will take between 7-18 days for delivery to site.

If Designer Roof Trusses oversee your truss installation it will take approximately 3 days to erect a roof of 250m2. We do constant inspections and supply the erectors with complete detail needed to erect the structure according to design and NBR.

After the timber structure is approved, Designer Roof Trusses send a Roofing Engineer to do final inspection on the timber structure to make recommendations if needed. If approved, he will issue us with a COC Certificate (A19 certificate) that you need to get occupation from the building inspectors.

At this stage Designer Roof Trusses do a remeasure of the sheeting sizes required and order accordingly. Sheeting can take from 5 to 14 days to be delivered to site and installation thereafter takes 2-3 days. Roofs fitted with tiles can be pre ordered according to the design and will shorten the construction time considerably as tiles can be delivered same time as trusses.

Finally, before completion we would do any Waterproofing needed and agreed on. Specialized flashing needed around chimney or skylight designs will be supplied by the customer/manufacturer.

We can assist you with roofing on new houses, commercial developments, shopping centers, alterations and many more. The only roofing, we don’t do is Gum poles and Grass roofs.

Designer Roof Trusses teams would also be able to assist with Re-roofing or over-roofing without removing the old sheeting, therefore minimizing the potential for damage inside your building.